Dental Implants: Three Health Reasons Get Them After Losing A Tooth

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In most cases, people who get dental implants want to restore their aesthetic appeal after losing teeth. A common misconception about dental implants is that they are only for aesthetic purposes. Dental implants restore your smile while also providing various dental health benefits. Examples of health issues that require dental implants include, but are not limited to, jawbone deterioration, gum infections, and teeth shifting. Here are three health reasons to get dental implants.

19 April 2022

Two Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

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Do you have a tooth that needed to be extracted, and now you have a gap in your smile that you want to fix? If so, it helps to know what your options are for fixing that missing tooth. Dental Bridge A dental bridge is a common method used to replace a missing tooth. It involves supporting a false tooth between two healthy teeth, essentially creating what looks like a bridge between the teeth.

15 March 2022

3 Things Every Person Should Know Before They Get Braces

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Do you need to get braces, but feel very nervous about having them put on your teeth? If so, it will help to know the following things about braces before you move forward with the procedure. What Does It Feel Like To Have Braces Put On Your Teeth? One of the main concerns you may have is whether it hurts to have the braces put onto your teeth. The process of actually attaching the brackets to the teeth is not going to hurt at all.

28 January 2022