3 Benefits Of A Root Canal

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A root canal is a very common endodontic procedure. Dentists across the country perform more than 15 million root canals yearly, or an average of more than 41,000 daily. Although root canals are often dreaded as painful procedures, they are virtually pain-free. While needing this procedure is news most patients do not want to hear, there are numerous advantages to having the treatment. Here are a few. 

1. Saving Your Natural Teeth

There are many dental procedures on the market today to replace a tooth. But in general, these are not as good as saving your natural tooth. By saving your natural teeth, you maintain the authentic structure of your jaw and mouth. 

Your natural teeth help maintain your gum line and your jaw bone structure. Nerves in these areas do not just aid you in chewing but send signals to your brain to determine how hard you bite or chew.

A root canal saves your natural teeth. The dentist removes the nerves and dental pulp from inside the tooth. Your dentist then cleans the dental cavity fills the tooth with a biocompatible material and seals the tooth. To ensure tooth strength and integrity, most dentists cover the affected tooth with a crown. 

2. Removes A Source Of Bacteria From Your Body

Do you realize that bacteria from dental decay can affect your whole body? A root canal is commonly performed due to decay and bacteria affecting the pulp of your tooth. If not treated infection of the pulp can also spread to neighboring teeth.

This pulp decay leads to infection and pain. If you do not treat the infection, an abscess can form on your gum line which allows the bacteria to spread to your bone and affect other parts of your body.

A root canal treats and removes this source of infection from your body. The procedure also prevents infection from occurring in this tooth again. 

3. Improves And Maintains Your Oral Health

Maintaining your oral health is an important step in maintaining your physical health. Poor oral health puts you at risk of dental discomfort and pain but also puts your body at risk of many other conditions. Some physical conditions associated with poor oral health include:

  • Heart Disease
  • Strokes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Diabetes

Other physical conditions can also put you at a much higher risk of having poor oral health. Root canals can allow you and your dentist to quickly address oral health issues before they become a problem in other areas of your life.


14 October 2022

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