3 Amazing Improvements To Expect From Gum Grafting Procedures

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Healthy gums offer protection and support to teeth. Individuals may have gum recession due to lifestyle habits or poor dental hygiene. Habits such as tobacco use may increase the risk of gum disease, which is a common cause of receding gums. The issue may also occur if individuals have misaligned teeth or if teeth grinding is an issue. Receding gum tissue exposes portions of sensitive tooth roots. If an intervention such as gum grafting is not performed, there is a high risk for tooth decay and tooth sensitivity or toothaches.

The following points identify a few of the main advantages of a gum graft procedure.

Improves Smile

Receding gums can make some individuals self-conscious about their gums. The regenerated gum tissue will improve the aesthetics of an individual's smile. Gum recession causes teeth to appear longer because of the exposed roots. The grafting covers the exposed roots resulting in a more uniform and natural appearance.

Improves Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth roots are the most sensitive area of teeth. When they are exposed, sensitivity or tooth pain is likely. Individuals who get gum grafting can expect to see an improvement in their tooth sensitivity issues. For some individuals, sensitivity will no longer be an issue. However, some individuals may see an improvement but still have minor sensitivity. This phenomenon may occur if individuals have another oral issue such as enamel erosion. Individuals can discuss their progress with their periodontists. There might be other compatible solutions such as veneers that can offer further protection to teeth.

Improves Oral Health

The procedure will improve oral health by protecting against tooth decay and gum inflammation. Healthy gum tissue covers tooth roots and protects against bacteria and plaque getting underneath. If these substances get under the gum tissue, they may cause tooth decay or infect the roots. This can lead to serious issues such as bone loss, which can lead to tooth loss. One of the goals of a successful gum grafting procedure is to generate enough gum tissue to eliminate these risks. Gum grafts stop the process of gradual degradation of gum tissue. Individuals who have receding gum tissue that is related to poor oral hygiene or lifestyle habits need to commit to changes. 

A periodontist is a good resource to use to learn more about gum grafting. They can perform oral examinations to determine if individuals are good candidates for the procedure. The examination will also enable them to determine which type of gum grafting technique to use. 


11 August 2022

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