What Types Of Services Are Considered Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that is performed because the patient wants to improve their appearance in some way. It is not considered medically necessary but is mainly an optional type of service. However, many cosmetic dentistry patients will happily tell you their lives have improved tremendously since they had cosmetic dentistry performed. Unfortunately, some dental insurance companies are not so eager to pay for a dental treatment that is not medically necessary. These are some types of services that are considered cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry That Improves the Color of the Teeth 

There are different methods that are used to make the teeth whiter and brighter. Among these are at-home bleaching kits that can be given to you by the dentist to use at home. Or, the dentist may also do professional bleaching treatments in their office for patients who prefer a more advanced technique. Finally, another form of teeth whitening treatment involves using a bleaching gel and a special light that puts ultraviolet rays on the teeth and whitens them almost instantly. Each of these forms of cosmetic dentistry can result in giving the patient a much more beautiful and radiant smile. However, nearly all types of teeth whitening treatment are considered to be cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry That Improves the Shape of the Teeth

Certain procedures that improve the shape of the teeth are also considered cosmetic dentistry as well. This may include having dental crowns or veneers installed on the teeth. While these treatments may also make it a bit easier for a person to bite and chew, they are still considered cosmetic because they are most commonly desired by patients because they can make a substantial improvement in the shape and the finish of the teeth. Many patients are quite amazed at how much healthier their teeth appear thanks to having dental crowns or veneers installed.

Dentistry That Replaces Missing Teeth

When a patient has missing teeth, it depends mainly on how many teeth need to be replaced and what method is used to replace them to determine if the treatment is considered only cosmetic. For instance, if a person has lost all of their natural teeth and they must have dentures to replace them, this can be considered medically necessary because the dentures are needed in order for the patient to eat and chew properly. However, if a patient has only one or two missing teeth and they want them replaced with dental implants, this will most likely be a cosmetic dentistry treatment. This is because the small number of missing teeth may not be preventing the patient from eating or chewing and they can be replaced with a more affordable method, such as partial dentures instead of dental implants.

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19 September 2022

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