Why Invisible Braces Are The Best Choice If You Have Frequent Gum Disease

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For some people, fighting gum disease can seem like a constant battle. Certain medications, illnesses, and special circumstances can make it hard to keep your gums healthy even with regular flossing and brushing. If you have this problem and are interested in having your teeth straightened, invisible braces are your best bet. Read on to discover why it's be a better choice for people with chronic gum disease. Easier Flossing

27 February 2018

3 Things That Can Delay Healing After Root Canals

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If your dentist is trying to save one or more of your molars, root canals may be recommended. If a root canal is not an option because of severe dental damage, extraction may be your only option. While a root canal typically goes off without a hitch, there are certain lifestyle factors that may delay healing after your procedure. Here are three things that may slow your healing after undergoing a root canal procedure and what you can do about them:

24 January 2018