Why Invisible Braces Are The Best Choice If You Have Frequent Gum Disease

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For some people, fighting gum disease can seem like a constant battle. Certain medications, illnesses, and special circumstances can make it hard to keep your gums healthy even with regular flossing and brushing. If you have this problem and are interested in having your teeth straightened, invisible braces are your best bet. Read on to discover why it's be a better choice for people with chronic gum disease.

Easier Flossing

Flossing between your teeth and under your gum line is a must for anyone to have healthy gums free of gum disease. However, if you're constantly fighting off gum disease because of extenuating circumstances, flossing is even more of a must.

Flossing isn't impossible, but it can be quite difficult when you get standard braces. There's more difficulty because people have to thread the floss under the wires of the braces in order to access the entire tooth. This can make flossing more time consuming and increase the chance that you'll miss a spot.

Invisible braces can be removed whenever you want, so flossing is no problem. You can perform your full oral hygiene routine and then put your braces back on.

Remove for Medication

There are a wide variety of medications that can potentially cause your gums to react badly. For example, the medicine found in inhalers touches your gums directly, which can be irritating or painful if left there. Since it's hard to perform a full oral hygiene routine with standard braces on, this can make it hard to ensure that your medicine isn't causing more damage than usual to your gums.

The easy way to solve this problem is with invisible braces. You simply pop off your braces, take your medicine, clean your gums and teeth, and then put your braces back on.


Lastly, depending on your condition, there's a chance that you might have days where your gums are more irritated than others. Women who are having their periods often have inflamed or irritated gums, and people with autoimmune disorders sometimes have flare-ups where tissues become more irritated. If you have a condition like this, you can allow your mouth the time it needs to rest and heal by skipping your braces until you feel better.

Invisible braces are extremely versatile and a great choice if you have oral health problems that extend beyond the norm. If keeping gum disease at bay is always a struggle, talk to a dentist about invisible braces, not standard ones. Click for more info about your dental correction options.


27 February 2018

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