Is Your Child At Risk Of Developing Dental Fluorosis?

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Dental fluorosis is a condition that only occurs during childhood tooth formation. Children under two years of age are most at risk for developing the condition, although it can occur anytime during tooth development. Fluorosis can occur when people consume more than their recommended dose of fluorine. This is often thanks to the abundance of added fluoride in public water systems as well as toothpaste and fluoride supplements that are administered by a dentist.

26 May 2021

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Root Canals

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If you crack your tooth and you don't want to extract it, getting a root canal will save it. Previously, the only option was to extract cracked teeth. Today, root canal treatments are available, and they are painless. Root canals are effective when damaged nerves and vessels in your tooth can't be repaired. A dentist will assess the sick tooth and scoop out the damaged nerves and blood vessels. After cleaning, your dentist seals it and offers pain relief.

16 April 2021

What To Expect During Your Visit To The Dentist After It Has Been A While

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Have an upcoming visit to the dentist and it has been a while since you have gone?  You'll likely want to know what will happen during this appointment so that you have realistic expectations. X-Rays The dentist is going to want to take a look at what is happening inside your teeth to know if there are any problems that they need to be aware of. Having x-rays taken will be an essential part to start off your visit because of this.

26 February 2021

Insight Into Hypodontia

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The human body is expected to develop in a certain way, and the only indication of a potential problem might be when something fails to develop. Your 20 baby teeth grew without anything seeming to be out of the ordinary. These teeth loosened and fell out, and again, so far, so good. These 20 primary teeth are typically replaced with 32 permanent teeth.  But what about when someone's dental development is atypical in terms of the number of permanent teeth that have ultimately grown?

21 January 2021