Does Gum Disease Run In Your Family? Why You Should Start Seeing A Periodontist

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Some diseases tend to run in families. You may know a few families where several members have heart disease or where many fall prey to diabetes. However, it's been shown that gum disease can also have a hereditary link. Gum disease is definitely not an ailment that you want to take lightly because it has ties to other very serious illnesses such as stroke and arthritis. If you know that gum disease tends to disproportionately affect lots of people in your family,see why you should find a periodontist and set up an appointment today.

Periodontists Help You Develop A Plan Of Action

Recommended oral healthcare guidelines are traditionally used as a baseline for the average person to follow. For example, it's recommended that a person should brush their teeth twice a day for approximately two minutes each time. While this might work out fine for someone who doesn't have elevated risk factors it may not be the best course of action for you. What you need is a more unique, tailored plan to follow that will reduce your risk of developing gum disease. A skilled periodontist can assist you with your action plan so that you're able to take a preventative approach that can work to keep gum disease far away from your mouth.

The periodontist can give you a thorough evaluation to see if there is any oral damage that can possibly be corrected before it progresses too far. This might entail a deep, under the gum cleaning or any number of other techniques.

After the dental specialist has examined your mouth they are then able to suggest an oral care regimen which could include additional brushing or flossing sessions each day, along with more frequent trips to the dentist.

Get Optimal Gum Treatment 

If you've already developed gum disease and want to learn to control it, a periodontist can be a tremendous help. Periodontists specialize in the treatment of gum disease so they may have access to advanced techniques that you might not be able to obtain if you decide to treat at home or only see your regular family dentist for care.

Knowing what you are pre-disposed to gives you the space to make the changes needed to improve your life. Schedule your appointment with a periodontist and let them aide you in your fight against the gum disease that has attached itself to your family line.


21 November 2019

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