Don't Make These Mistakes When Using Invisalign

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Have you decided to use Invisalign dental treatment to correct your crooked teeth? This form of braces will help align your teeth using a method that is practically invisible to others. However, there are mistakes that can be made when using Invisalign that you need to be aware of.

Removing the Trays for Too Long

One of the nice things about Invisalign is that you have the flexibility to remove the alignment trays if you need to. This makes it easier to eat your favorite foods, brush your teeth, or do public speaking where you want to have confidence. However, some people make the mistake of taking the trays out for too long. 

The trays are meant to be worn the majority of the day, which includes while you're sleeping, and only removed for short periods of time. Some people make the mistake of taking them out for long periods and make excuses as to why it is okay. If you select Invisalign, know that you need to commit yourself to the guidelines and keep the trays in so that they can do their job. 

Not Brushing Before Use

The removable Invisalign trays do run the risk of trapping bacteria underneath the trays. This often happens if you eat a meal and do not brush before replacing the trays. Keeping your teeth clean is essential when using Invisalign, and you'll want to brush your teeth before you put on the alignment trays for a long period of time.

Staining the Trays

The purpose of using Invisalign is to correct your teeth in a way that others will not be able to notice, which depends on the alignment trays remaining clear. Unfortunately, the trays will not stay that way if you are not careful about how you use them. Many people eat with the trays still in their mouth, which can cause them to get stained by foods and beverages they consume. Others continue to smoke with the trays on, which will cause them to become stained as well. The trays may be swapped out every few weeks, but you do not want to be stuck with an alignment tray that doesn't look good while you are wearing it.

While mistakes can be made when using Invisalign, it is a great procedure used to fix dental alignment problems. Reach out to your dentist for more information about using Invisalign and to determine if it will be a good fit for you.


23 October 2019

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