Three Things To Know About Orthodontic Treatments

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A beautiful smile will be a feature of your face that is one of the first things others will notice about your appearance. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions about orthodontic treatments that can hinder the ability of patients to make informed decisions about undergoing these treatments. You may want to consider a few points about orthodontic treatment to help you better decide whether these treatments are right for your situation.

Adults Can Undergo Orthodontic Adjustments

It is a frequent assumption that orthodontic treatments are only suitable for teenagers and young children. While it is true that the teeth in an adult's mouth are no longer developing, they can still be shifted to create a more pleasing smile. While an adult can benefit from undergoing orthodontic treatments, they may need longer to achieve the results that they want.

Braces No Longer Have To Be Embarrassing To Wear

Individuals will often avoid undergoing orthodontic treatments as a result of being concerned about the need to wear embarrassing braces. However, it is possible for patients to opt for clear braces. These bases are made of plastic and composite materials that are clear. This has the effect of greatly reducing the visibility of the braces. For those requiring only minor orthodontic adjustments, there are clear retainers that may be able to achieve the desired results while being almost unnoticeable.

You May Not Have To Wear Braces For As Long As You Think

Patients will often assume that they will have to wear their braces for many years in order to have their smile connected. However, modern orthodontic treatments are extremely effective at shifting the positioning of teeth. Most patients will find that they will only need to wear their braces for a matter of months. In fact, some patients may start to notice changes in their smile after only a few weeks of wearing the braces. You can help to reduce the amount of time that will be needed for wearing the braces by always attending your scheduled adjustment appointments, as this will allow the orthodontist to tighten the bases so that they are moving the teeth as quickly as possible.

Choosing to undergo orthodontic treatments can be a major decision, but it may be the only way to obtain the type of smile that you want. Luckily, you can be a more informed patient by knowing that adults can benefit from these treatments, that there are discrete orthodontic devices available and that these adjustments may not take as long as you think. For more information, contact a local clinic like Brian Smith Orthodontics


21 April 2018

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