Steps Parents Can Take To Keep Their Children's Teeth Healthy

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Children frequently incur cavities before reaching adulthood. Although dental decay may seem inevitable for a child, there are ways to prevent it. Here are a few steps that you can take as a parent to help keep your youngster's teeth healthy. 

Steer clear of acidic drinks.

Acidic drinks can demineralize the tooth enamel just as bacterial acid does. Thus, beverages that have a high acid content, such as sodas and citrus juices, are best avoided, especially in large quantities. Sodas that are sweetened with sugar are particularly harmful. In addition to their acidic nature, they also provide simple sugars on which oral bacteria can feed. Oral microbes release acid as they digest their food. Thus, sodas can contribute to the demise of your child's teeth in multiple ways. Likewise, fruit juices are also high in sugar, even though they offer some nutritional value.

Instead of acidic drinks, choose beverages that have a close-to-neutral pH, such as water or tea. Water can help ensure that acids within the mouth are diluted, lessening their effects on the teeth. Tea contains anti-bacterial components that can lower the microbial population in your child's mouth before the microbes damage his or her teeth.

Use a fluoride rinse.

Fluoride can help make your child's teeth more resistant to damage from acids. Even though your child may brush with a fluoride toothpaste, he or she may also benefit from a fluoride mouth rinse. When your child uses the rinse, fluoride coats the surfaces of the teeth, and minerals from the tooth enamel that have been dissolved are drawn to the fluoride. The minerals and the fluoride combine to add a new tooth material to your child's enamel. This reparative process is significant because the new tooth material is able to resist acid damage better than your little one's original enamel. 

If you suspect that an over-the-counter fluoride product is not strong enough to meet the demands of your child's teeth, talk to his or her dentist about performing a professional fluoride treatment or prescribing an alternative mouth rinse.

Give your child sugarless gum between snacks and meals.

Giving your child a piece of sugar-free gum between meals and snacks can help keep his or her teeth cleaner. Plaque, which is a combination of food particles and bacteria, can be pulled from the enamel surface by the gum. In addition, chewing the gum can help encourage the production of more saliva to dilute bacterial acid within your child's mouth.

To learn more ways to protect your child's teeth from decay, schedule an appointment with a family dentist in your area.


15 June 2017

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