Dental Implants Vs. Tooth Extractions -- Things To Consider

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Losing one's teeth is not exactly a pleasant experience. Dental implants do present a certain level of solace to those facing tooth loss due to gum disease or a traumatic accident. While the wonders of implants are becoming well known, not everyone may be sold on the notion that dental implants are right for them. Worries about dental implant failure rates might lead candidates to explore the old and traditional practice of extracting the teeth and simply wearing removable partial dentures. A little research into current improvements in dental care and implant success could put concerns to rest.

Bone Loss Issues

Anyone who has done a little bit of research into dental implants knows bone loss does not help the cause of dental implants. A lack of bone makes holding the screws in place extremely difficult. If implant surgery is performed and the implants fail to take hold due to the further degeneration of bone, a lot of time and money ends up being wasted. A new development the design of dental implants incorporates microthreads. Studies have shown that microthreads cut down on the potential for bone loss which, in turn, improves the chances of the implant succeeding. All of this news comes on top of recent news of a new infection-fighting innovation built-in reservoir. A decrease in infections means fewer complications and an improved chance of the implant working as desired.

Additionally, regular visits to the dentist's office cut down on bone loss occurring in the first place. The quicker gum disease is treated, the less of a chance bone loss occurs.

Don't Make Assumptions About Pain

Still, some may choose to see a general dentist and undergo an extraction. If there was one very disastrous myth about dental implants it would be the notion the pain isn't worth it. Studies actually show that extraction is far more painful. The idea that "the pain will go away since the process is quicker" really isn't backed up by studies. Assumptions about any type of dental procedure -- cosmetic or general, major or minor -- really shouldn't be made by a patient. Detailed discussions with a cosmetic dentist are necessary when thinking about the merits and drawbacks of dental implants.

No one likes to deal with pain. Fear of pain often guides dental and healthcare decisions. Wrongheaded determinations do not really lead to a preferable outcome. The patient and his/her teeth might suffer needlessly. Contact your dentist's office for reliable information about dental implants.


28 February 2017

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