First-Time Parent? 3 Tips To Help Your Baby Develop Healthy Teeth

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When you're a new parent, you want to do everything right, including providing your little one with the proper health care. Part of that healthcare routine should include dental care. You might not realize this, but good dental care should begin before your child has their first tooth. To help ensure that your child develops strong, healthy teeth and gums, here are four steps you should follow.

Start Dental Visits Early

If you're planning on waiting until your little one has all their baby teeth before visiting the dentist, you're going to be waiting too long. For healthy teeth and gums, you should schedule your child's first trip to the dentist before their first birthday – or as soon as they have their first tooth. Early dental care will help your dentist monitor your child's tooth development. Those early visits will also help your child develop a comfortable relationship with their dentist – which will come in handy if your child ever needs dental work performed.

Brushing and Flossing is Vital

You might think that brushing and flossing can wait until your child has all their teeth. However, you should actually begin brushing and flossing much earlier than that. As soon as your baby is born, you should begin cleaning their gums. Use a soft cloth to wipe your baby's gums at least once a day. Switch to a soft baby toothbrush as soon as your little one has their first tooth. Once your little one has at least two teeth that are touching each other, you should begin the daily flossing.

Limit Baby Bottles

If you've decided to bottle-feed your little one, it's important that you take some safety precautions. First, never put your baby to bed with a bottle of formula, milk, or sweetened juices. The sugar can cause serious tooth decay, especially if it's allowed to collect around your baby's teeth while they're asleep. It's also important that you limit the use of sweetened juices, especially in the bottle. If your little one falls asleep with a bottle in their mouth, remove the bottle as soon as possible and wipe away the excess liquid.

If this is your first baby, you might not be familiar the dental care they'll need. The tips provided here will help you keep your little one's teeth healthy and strong. For tips on how to prevent dental problems, be sure to talk to your dentist as soon as possible. 


7 February 2017

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