How To Reduce Your Anxiety When Visiting Your Dentist

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Has it been a long time since you last visited the dentist? Does the very thought of entering a dentist's office make you nervous? If you can't stand the thought of going to the dentist, you're not alone. Of course, you probably already know that visiting a dentist is vital to keeping your mouth healthy and avoiding problems in the future. If you want some ways to be able to visit your dentist with as little anxiety as possible, here are some suggestions:

Ask if you can listen to music: Find a dentist who will let you wear headphones while he or she works on your mouth. Your favorite tunes will help to partially block what's going on, allowing you to focus on the lyrics rather than the dental procedure that's going on. Wearing sunglasses or a blindfold might also help block out everything, but simply closing your eyes while listening to the music might be sufficient for your needs. Once your dentist is done with the necessary procedures, that's when he or she can ask you questions or give you information about future dental care.

Ask for more or different anesthetics: Not everyone reacts to anesthetics in the same way. For example, if you have red hair, you may require more anesthetics than someone who has another hair color. The decreased effectiveness of painkillers can lead to an increase in anxiety and a desire to avoid the dentist in the future. But unless you talk to your dentist about your concerns, he or she may not realize that the particular numbing agent that he or she prefers isn't working for you. It may be that you simply need an additional dose or it could be that your dentist needs to switch to a different anesthetic for your dental procedures. Once your pain levels are properly managed, you may find that visiting the dentist isn't so bad after all.

Agree on a hand signal: Before your dentist does anything, the two of you should agree on a signal. If you touch your left hand to your shoulder, for example, he or she should stop as quickly as possible. You may never actually use this signal, as just knowing that you could stop the procedure at any time may allow you to get through the procedure with little to no anxiety. If you have to stop your dentist multiple times during one session, that's understandable as well. Your dentist should be willing to look out for you and your comfort level.

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4 November 2016

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