Migrating Jaw And Tooth Pain? Here's A Look At Some Possible Causes

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Do you have jaw pain that seems to migrate from one location to another? For instance, maybe the right side of your upper jaw hurts on one day, and then the next day, the left side of your upper jaw hurts. It's actually quite common for jaw pain to migrate like this, and often, the cause is not anything too serious or worrisome. Here's a look at some common causes.

Grinding your teeth at night.

So many people grind their teeth at night and have no idea that they do it. If your pain is at its worst when you wake up in the morning, this may be the cause. You might put more pressure on the left some nights, and more pressure on the right other nights – so the location of the pain varies. To find out if you're grinding your teeth at night, have a friend or partner stay awake and observe you sleeping. If you do discover that you're grinding your teeth, ask your dentist to fit you with a mouth guard, which will prevent you from grinding.

A tooth infection.

It seems strange that an infection could cause migrating pain. However, the nerves that sense pain in your jaw run rather close to another. Sometimes you may suffer from what is known as referred pain – pain that you feel in a different area from the injury or ailment. An infected tooth can also cause the entire jaw to swell somewhat, and the swelling can place pressure on various nerves, leading to pain that seems to move around and migrate. Other signs of a tooth infection include sensitivity to heat and cold, a bad taste in your mouth, fever, and the appearance of pus near or around a tooth. If you suspect a tooth infection, see your dentist right away. You may need a root canal and/or antibiotics to fight the infection.

Misaligned TMJ joint.

Your TMJ is the joint between your lower jaw and the bone that forms the ear portion of your skull. This joint can sometimes become irritated, inflamed, and misaligned. When this occurs, all of the muscles around your jaw are put under excess strain. One muscle might feel strained one day, while another muscle feel sore the next. If your jaw feels stiff, you have frequent headaches, or you ever hear a clicking noise while chewing, TMJ misalignment is likely to blame. A dentist like Persona  Dental may recommend a mouth guard, physical therapy, or bite adjustment to correct it.


18 October 2016

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