Back-To-School Habits That Can Make Your Child's Dentist Happy

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When it comes to sending your children back to school for another year, your mind is likely occupied with buying them clothes, getting the necessary school supplies and making sure that they know what time to catch the bus. It's also important to think about their health and, in particular, their oral health. Your children will be out of your supervision for several hours a day, which means that it's important for you to stress the need to make smart decisions about their teeth that will pay off when they visit the dentist for their next checkups. Here are some positive back-to-school oral care habits to discuss.

Don't Chew On School Supplies

It can be tempting to chew on a pen or pencil in the classroom, but doing so poses some risks to the health of your children's mouths. Biting this hard instrument and moving it around in the mouth can potentially damage the tooth enamel, as well as even cause teeth to chip. Additionally, there's a hygiene component to be concerned about — each time that your children put pens and pencils in their mouths, they're exposing their gums to high levels of bacteria, as the writing utensils have been in unwashed hands, on the floor, and possibly even in the mouths of other children.

Make Smart Dietary Choices

While it's true that you can't completely control what your children eat, you can set them off on a healthy path by packing healthy food in their lunches. Pay special attention to foods that are high in sugar and/or that can get stuck in the teeth. Potato chips, for example, aren't overly high in sugar but can gum up the teeth and potentially increase the risk of cavities because the teeth are then difficult to get clean. Tell your children to avoid trading their lunches for sugary snacks; if your kids want sugar, it's better to have at home, as they can brush their teeth afterward.

Don't Play Rough

Children can get caught in the moment at recess and during gym class and start roughhousing that ends up with a dental injury. For example, deciding to fight atop the jungle gym bars is generally a poor choice. A child could easily slip off, bang his or her mouth on a bar on the way down and suffer a dental emergency. Try to impress upon your children to take their dental health seriously and avoid making decisions that could lead to such issues.


12 September 2016

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