Pulled Teeth: Where Might They Go After They're Removed?

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If you are scheduled to have a tooth pulled, you should think about whether to save your tooth after the procedure. You may assume that your tooth will be pitched into the trash after you go home, but that may not be the case. In fact, a number of things can be done with these fallen enamel-coated soldiers.


Interesting, OSHA classifies teeth as "potentially infectious materials." In the dentist office, the personnel must treat your tooth with care and dispose of it in medical waste containers. The teeth are also sometimes incinerated. However, no law restricts having the tooth returned to you. This procedure may seem contradictory to you, but you can basically do anything you want to with your tooth.  


You may be slightly grossed out by this notion, but some folks request their pulled canines or molars so that they can make a piece of jewelry. Instead of decorating your teeth, you can use your teeth for decoration. A few people have even used teeth as the setting of their engagement rings. You can also use a tooth or two on a necklace or earrings. If you like to wear edgy pieces, a tooth-centered broach will serve you well. Of course, you may need to chew on this idea for a bit before you decide. 


Your tooth will not end up in someone else's mouth, but it may be recycled in other ways. If you leave it with your dentist, he will possibly incinerate it unless it has an amalgam filling. Burning it means that mercury will end up in the atmosphere, so dentists can send it to a special recycling center where the metal can be safely removed from the tooth. In some instances, your dentist may send your pulled tooth to a dental scrap metal dealer. In this instance, the dentist will receive some money from your metal. If you do not like this idea, you can ask to take your tooth with you. Of course, you may not have access to anyone who will recycle it for you. 

Your main concern about your tooth-pulling appointment is probably not what to do with the leftovers. However, you should know that your tooth is still yours, whether it is inside or outside of your mouth. Most patients probably choose to leave this possibly painful souvenir behind, but you should feel free to buck the trend. For more information, contact a company like Dental Associates PC.


29 June 2016

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