3 Possible Options For Replacing An Extracted Tooth

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Getting a tooth extracted is never fun, but luckily, there are many options for replacing missing teeth, so you don't have to suffer with an imperfect smile. If you need to have or have had a tooth extracted, check out these three possible options for replacing extracted teeth

Traditional Dental Bridge

As the name suggests, a dental bridge is a device that bridges a gap from a missing tooth. There are different types of bridges, but the most common are traditional bridges. Traditional dental bridges require at least two healthy teeth (one on each side of the missing tooth. These healthy teeth are used as anchor teeth and must be filed down to hold the bridge. The dental bridge consists of at least three pieces. Two crowns sit on the outsides. These crowns are cemented to the anchor teeth, and the false tooth sits between them where the missing tooth once sat.

Dental bridges are quite durable because they are cemented to other teeth, but they are not indestructible. Pressure and decay can weaken the cement hold, causing them to become loose or break. A traditional dental bridge, however, is one of the cheaper options to replacing a missing tooth, costing about $2,100 to $4,500 for a three-unit bridge.  

Partial Dentures

Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures don't replace all of your teeth. They can replace one or several missing teeth. You can choose from immediate partial dentures or conventional partial dentures. The quality is still the same, but immediate dentures can be worn as soon as the teeth are pulled. Conventional dentures aren't even crafted until after your teeth are extracted, so you'll have to go without teeth for a short time. Conventional dentures, however, typically fit better for longer because they aren't made until your jaw has healed.

Partial dentures usually have clasps that allow them to snap to your healthy teeth, which increases stability, but they still are the least stable option for replacing missing teeth. At first, you may have trouble talking, eating and keeping the dentures from slipping. However, partial dentures are the cheapest option. They cost about $700 to $1,800.

Single Dental Implants

While you can get implant-supported dental bridges and implant-supported dentures, single dental implants are designed to replace single missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium artificial roots, which are placed in your jaw. The bone eventually fuses to the titanium root, similar to the way root fibers connect a natural tooth root and jawbone.

Dental implants are the most durable option for replacing missing teeth. Because the titanium fuses to the bone, they become as strong as natural healthy teeth. However, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. You have to have healthy gums and a healthy jawbone. The process takes a long time, and it is the most expensive option, costing an average of $4,250.

You don't have to struggle with a missing tooth. There are many options for replacing missing teeth, so if you're tired of an imperfect smile, contact a dentist in your area today. For more information, consider contacting All Denture Dental Clinic.


4 November 2015

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