Ways To Help With Dental Fears So You Don't Neglect Your Teeth

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If you have a strong fear of going in to see the dentist, you want to get over it. If you can't completely get over it, you at least want to get it under control enough where it doesn't stop you from going in for your routine visits. This way, you won't let that fear cause you to neglect your teeth. This article will provide you with different ways you can get over some of those fears so they don't stop you from getting proper oral care.

Meet with the dentist

You may be surprised at how at ease you can feel with the dentist if you meet with them ahead of time for a few moments. Many dentists won't mind if you set up a short meet and greet during their non-busy hours if you explain the situation to them.

Try relaxation exercises

A lot of people have success with using different relaxation exercises before their appointment. These can include breathing methods that calm you down, stretches that help to relax you and even meditation which helps clear your mind to get your attention off of your fears. Try different techniques until you find the one that helps you to relax. Do the technique any time you start to stress over your appointment.


Acupressure is done by pressing and massaging certain parts of your body where the nerves cause certain reactions. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety about going to the dentist, you will press on the pressure point located on the inside of your foot, right below what can be described as the knuckle of your big toe. This point will help relieve anxiety and that includes worries over going to the dentist.

Consider sedation dentistry

If you have a severe fear of having a dental procedure done, you can discuss the possibility of sedation dentistry with your dentist. They may be able to sedate you for the procedure. Sedation dentistry comes in different strengths including minimal sedation where you are still awake but completely relaxed, Moderate sedation where you won't have much memory of the procedure, deep sedation where you are technically unconscious while being able to awaken easily and general anesthesia where you are completely under. Sedation dentistry can even be used for simple procedures such as teeth cleaning.

Now that you have information on the different ways you can get over your fears, you should be able to make it to your dentist with less anxiety.


15 September 2015

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