4 Important Steps To Follow While Waiting To See A 24 Hour Dentist For A Missing Adult Tooth

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If you have experienced one or more missing teeth, it is crucial to see a 24 hour dentist as soon as possible. However, while you are waiting for the dentist to call you back or when you are on your way to the dental office, there are several things that you can do to make the experience easier.

Avoid The Use Of Aspirin

When you have a lot of dental pain, it can be tempting to take the maximum dose of whatever over-the-counter pain medication you can. However, it is important to remember that aspirin is a blood thinner and if take it, you could slow down your recovery. Since a tooth that has been knocked out can often be saved and will need a root canal, you do not want any treatment delays.

In addition, aspirin can cause a problem while your dentist is working on your mouth. Instead, ibuprofen is often recommended. When you are on the phone with the dentist, arranging to be seen, it is a good idea to ask what dosage would be appropriate for your situation.

Never Touch The Dental Root And Clean The Tooth Properly

The dental root has delicate cells that when damaged, can prevent the tooth from reattaching to your gums. Instead, be sure to hold it gently by the crown whenever possible. The use of latex gloves can further protect the delicate cells.

If the tooth is in pieces, you may have no choice but to touch the root. If that occurs, be very gentle while moving and cleaning it. Do not do so more than what is necessary and as mentioned below, be very careful while cleaning it.

Clean The Tooth Properly

Be sure that if the tooth needs to be cleaned, that you do so with standing, clean water. Do not use a brush, alcohol, toothpaste, peroxide or any other product.

The force of running water could further damage the tooth.

Protect The Tooth

If there is little or no trauma to your socket, mouth and gums , the best place to store the tooth is in your tooth socket. If that is not possible, wrap it in a soft and clean piece of cloth and store in a glass of milk. Ideally, that would be whole milk.

If you can store it in the socket, be sure to hold it securely. Obviously, you will want to avoid any unnecessary conversation or eating, so you do not dislodge the tooth. Storing a broken tooth that has been dislodged from your mouth is not always possible, so if there are small pieces, go for the milk.

In conclusion, dental trauma and loss can quickly cause overwhelming pain. When the problem occurs at night, over the weekend or on a holiday, it is necessary to see an emergency or 24 hour dentist  like Milan Simanek DDS immediately. Fortunately, you can minimize your dental loss and limit your discomfort until the dentist can address the situation.


24 August 2015

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