Chipped Tooth? Guide To Protect Your Tooth Until You Get To Your Dentist

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A chipped tooth can occur for several reasons, but the most important thing to do is protect the tooth. A chipped tooth is a doorway for bacteria and infections to get into your tooth. You must talk to a dentist like Dr. Andres Maeso as soon as possible. The following guide will help you protect your tooth until you can get to your dentist.

Dangers Of A Chipped Tooth

One of the most obvious signs of a dangerous chipped tooth is pain. Pain occurs for the following 3 reasons:

  1. Deep Fracture: A deep fracture usually means that the crack in your tooth is deep enough to reach the blood vessels and nerves. Your tooth will be very sensitive with a fracture of this magnitude. 
  2. Pocket Fracture: Pocket fractures are dangerous because they allow food to easily lodge within your chipped tooth. This makes it possible for you to get an infection or a cavity. Infections and cavities will lead to tooth loss if not treated quickly. 
  3. Vertical Fracture: This kind of fracture will add pressure to your tooth, so you will probably feel this type of fracture more when you bite down. 

Talk to your dentist about any of the aforementioned symptoms, as you might need a crown placed on your tooth to protect your broken tooth.

Natural Guide To Protect Your Broken Tooth

You need to consider the following to make sure you keep your cracked tooth as safe as possible as you wait for your appointment with your dentist:

  1. Make sure you avoid hard foods; this is especially true for vertical fractures, as they will add unnecessary pressure to your tooth and may further the damage. 
  2. Keep away from cold foods or beverages. Exposed nerves are sensitive to cold temperatures.
  3. Consider using dental cement, which you can find in your local pharmacy. Remember this solution is only temporary. 
  4. Add clove or cinnamon oil to the chipped tooth. All you have is dab a cotton swab with a little of any of the aforementioned organic and pure oils. Then apply this swab to your fractured tooth. Both clove and cinnamon oil are very antibacterial, which should keep your cracked tooth safe from cavity-causing bacteria. 
  5. Think about chewing on natural beeswax as it contains propolis. This is important because it will help protect your teeth from cavity-causing bacteria. And beeswax is very sticky, which should help dislodge any food particles or bacteria attempting to make a home within your fractured tooth. 

Taking care of your teeth is imperative, so if you experience a dental fracture, talk your dentist as soon as possible.


25 March 2015

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