Important Cosmetic Procedures For Severe Teeth Problems

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Smiling is something people do every day, but if something is severely wrong with your teeth, you may not be able to smile. To deal with severe teeth issues, you can take advantage of these cosmetic procedures:


When cavities develop, they can decay a good portion of a tooth. Not only does this hurt, it takes away your tooth's aesthetics. This is where a filling comes in handy. Cosmetic dentists can scrape away the decayed portion and replace it with a filling. Therefore, the structure and aesthetics of your tooth is going to be normal again.

Today, you have a lot of filling types to choose from. Some of the best options include composite resin, amalgam and ceramics. Amalgam fillings, which contain silver, tin and zinc, are great because they are very strong. They don't need to be replaced often. Composite resin fillings match the color of your teeth, so they are not going to be as noticeable.

Teeth Whitening

If you don't properly take care of your teeth, they can turn yellow. In order to remove this yellow color from your teeth, you can whiten your teeth. This can be done by yourself or at a dentist's office. For fast results, it's best to utilize in-office whitening.

When you take advantage of these whitening dental services, a peroxide gel is applied to the front surface of your teeth. Then, using a UV light or laser, the dentist activates the whitening properties in the gel. The whole process doesn't take very long, and only one visit can make your teeth whiter. Some people say their teeth are a little sensitive after the procedure. If your teeth are, your dentist can give you special toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Tooth Bonding

Sometimes an accident may happen, causing you to chip your tooth. You don't have to live like this forever, though, because you can take advantage of a tooth bonding procedure. Cosmetic dentists can put a putty-like substance around your teeth.

Then, with a UV light, this substance is hardened. Your chipped tooth is going to be whole again, so you don't have to feel self-conscious when smiling. Also, dentists can stain this putty-like substance, making it match the color of your teeth.

Having teeth that are severely damaged may be a nightmare, as you may not want to ever smile. That's where the cosmetic procedures above come in handy. They are going to restore your teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence again. To learn more about dental services, visit James J. Susack, DMD, PC


23 February 2015

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