Cosmetic Concerns After An Oral Sports Injury: Talk To An Expert About Implants

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If your teen injured their tooth during athletic play and it has to be permanently removed, you want to see a cosmetic dental specialist.  You want your child to have a healthy smile that looks and feels natural at the same time.

Dental implants are the most reliable option for tooth replacement, and there are many ways the implants will benefit your child's active lifestyle. Here are a few reasons you want to inquire about synthetic implants, instead of partial dentures or a bridge.

Implants are the Healthiest

Dental implants are the healthiest option you can use, if you can't have healthy natural teeth in your mouth. Removable dentures allow food and particles to get trapped during the day, and a bridge makes it difficult to floss the teeth. The implants are going to protect the gum tissue in your child's mouth, and they won't get cavities in the future.

Protect the Other Teeth

Your teen mostly likely plans on participating in sports after the injury has healed, but a bridge and partial dentures can be an inconvenience. It can be difficult to have custom mouth guard created to fit the child teeth properly with the dentures, and the bridge or dentures can come loose from the repetition of pulling the mouth piece in and out. You want to have a mouth guard in so this accident doesn't happen again, and it's just like wearing one with your natural teeth with implants.

Teenage Responsibility Fears

You can have a limited diet with dentures and a bridge. It may be hard to trust your teen not to eat things that are bad for them, or not to do things, like chew on a pencil, which could damage the dentures or bridge. You also may not be able to trust your teen to clean the dentures properly, which can lead to infection.

The implants can last for a lifetime in your teen's mouth if your teen takes the time to brush them regularly, and see their dentist for checkups. Getting your teen implants is allowing them to have a hassle free tooth replacement option after the accident, and it can prevent them from spending hours in a dental chair in the future. Dentures have to be relined as frequently as every 2 years, and a bridge could need replaced after 5 years. Talk with a cosmetic dentist to get implants that last a lifetime.


11 February 2015

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