Surprising Conditions That Can Be Treated By A Dentist

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A dentist is primarily concerned with the health of your teeth and gums, but there are some surprising health concerns and conditions that he or she can treat in their office. Consider a few of those conditions, why they're so dangerous and should be addressed, and how a dentist can treat them.

1. Snoring and sleep apnea

Sleep apnea refers to a temporary cessation of breathing during sleep. When this happens a person will usually wake up just long enough to get breathing again, and in many cases may not even realize their sleep has been disturbed.

In extreme cases they may not wake up at all and the condition can be fatal. Sleep apnea is very serious as this constant interruption of sleep affects a person's overall health, as does this interruption of their oxygen supply. Snoring is also serious as it can damage a person's vocal cords and cause throat irritation.

A dentist can address these conditions if they're caused by excess tissue on the soft palate, meaning the roof of the mouth. When there is excess tissue in the mouth it can get in the way of breathing passages and cause sleep apnea or snoring. A dentist can typically cut away at this tissue with a laser or surgical instrument and offer a patient relief from both conditions.

2. Headaches and neck aches

One common cause of headaches and neck aches is what's known as TMJ syndrome, which affects the hinge of the jaw itself. When the jaw does not rest properly or it out of alignment, such as when a person has a severe overbite, this causes the muscles to be overworked and in turn, a person can experienced headaches and neck aches.

A dentist can address this problem with a mouth guard that can be worn at night or even during the day, which in turn supports the jaw and allows these muscles to relax. This can reduce those headaches and alleviate the resulting soreness in the neck muscles as well.

3. Tooth erosion

Don't assume that your teeth are just going to be eroded and shrink over time as part of the natural aging process. Teeth usually become eroded through poor diet and also through grinding of the teeth during sleep. A dentist can examine the teeth and determine the cause, and a mouth guard can also stop this grinding. A cosmetic dentist can also fit the teeth with caps or use veneers to build on them and restore their size. This protects the teeth from further erosion and keeps your mouth healthy.

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30 December 2014

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